About Us

Pastor Zach Olson and Family

this is how we describe God's "big picture" work in the world

God is reconciling the world to himself through the work of Jesus and the sending of his Spirit-
filled church (Mt 28:18-20)

this is how God is including East Leonard in his mission

At East Leonard, we GIVE ourselves to Jesus so that we can TAKE his church to our neighbors.

these make up our "personality" as a congregation. They represent the ways God has wired us to
accomplish his vision

We are committed to obey God's vision for us through what we value most:

Family - We want to enjoy healthy and meaningful family relationships that glorify God.
We want to foster healthy and meaningful relationships in our church family that
glorify God and are worth inviting others into.

Prayer - We want to be in close relationship with our Father by spending time listening to him
and speaking with him in prayer.

Worship - We want to connect with God together through:
Singing and music
Encountering God through his Word, read and preached
Experiencing God's presence
Welcoming the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit
Exalting him and his works

Youth - We want to see our children and young people thrive in vital relationships with Jesus