About the Daily Bible Reading

The Daily Bible Reading email is a ministry of East Leonard Christian Reformed Church in
Grand Rapids, MI. Each email contains a small passage of the Bible followed by some brief
comments from me, Pastor Zach Olson. I conclude each one with a prayer that makes the
passage and reflection personal.

The DBR began as a tool to help our Elders stay in God's Word. We believe that God still
speaks through His Word and that it's foundational for all we do. For that reason, we
committed to read the same Bible passages daily as a group. We quickly discovered that our
good intentions needed a helping hand - or email, in this case! As we read His Word,
something exciting happened - we noticed that what we were reading was connecting to what
was happening in the life of our church and our personal lives. More than that - we began to
see how God was using His Word to speak to others around us. So, we started forwarding them
to people whenever it seemed appropriate. From there the list of recipients has steadily grown,
expanding beyond our Elders to our congregation, and beyond our congregation to friends and

We love that the DBR family is growing! We're happy to add anyone who wants to
receive these emails. Our passion is to deliver God's Word in a meaningful way that connects to
life. That's why you'll read so much about my life! I'll put all my cards on the table right now -
God uses my family to teach me loads about life with Him. So, you'll hear plenty of stories
about my wife, Kasey, and our four kids: Lydia (6), Carrie (4), Silas (3), and Joy (1). This might be
a good time to let you know that these emails are subject to life, as well. I do my best to get
them out at the same time, Monday-Friday. But, as you know - life happens! They might not
always be waiting in your inbox - but, I'll do my best, I promise. Thank you in advance for your

Now - the important part: when you come across a passage or reflection that you think
would be a blessing to someone else, please forward it! We'd be honored if you decided to
share these emails with others whom God might bring to your mind! So please, when you get
the "nudge" to share an email, hit "Forward". We'd also be honored to add anyone to the DBR
family (with their consent, of course!). And, if you're in the area, we'd love for you to visit East
Leonard and worship with us. The sermons I preach on Sunday are tied into the DBR's I send
out each week, so you'd be in the loop!